TERRES DE DOMAINES specialises in vineyard transactions in Burgundy and Provence and originates from the association of two men with complementary backgrounds: one, the production and trading of wines and spirits, the other,real estate. Two profiles, two fields of expertise, and one common passion, wine.


A complementary team for the purchasing and selling of vineyard estates

Our strength? We combine a thorough knowledge of the wine industry from production to sale, with our expertise in the property industry.

From vineyard property purchasing and estate sale to strategic insight in outlining a project all the way throughto its implementation, our team provides our clients with relevant guidance and advice in relation to a wide range of issues. We always provide tailor-made solutions and services which result in high added value.

Burgundy and Provence vineyards are our favourite playing fields

Since we are based in Burgundy and have a branch in Provence, we have decided to specialise in the mergers and acquisitions of wine estates located in these two regions that we know perfectly and that offer some of the best wines in the world.

Armed with an independent network of contacts, we also operate globally upon request.

An expertise reinforced by a diverse, reliable network

Our broad experience in the production and sale of wines enables us to fully understand the evolution and the new strategic issues inherentto every stage of the industry – from the producer to the consumer.

Our expertise and our legitimacy are strengthened by a diverse, reliable network: TERRES DE DOMAINES is supported by seasoned technical and legal advisors who supportwhen required on specific projects. Our aim? To always provide our clients with substantial added value in the implementation of their project of buying or selling an estate or a wine property.