TERRES DE DOMAINES’s expertise relies on the complementary backgrounds of its founders; Clément Séraphin’s real estate expertise on the one hand, and Vincent Sauvestre’s experience in wine production and trading on the other.


An in-depth knowledge of the wine market

Both sets of skills guarantee you astute, seasoned advice throughout the process – from the initial contact to the completion of the purchase or the sale of a wine estate or a wine-growing business. We possess recognised financial expertise!

Ensuring you make the correct decisions by providing youwith relevant analysis of the current and potential position of the wine market is what we live for.

Armed with our experience of mergers and acquisitions in the wine and spirit industry, we fully understand the evolution and the new strategic issues related to the industry as a whole – from the producers to the consumers.

From the assessment to the realisationof your project

Any investment or sale in the wine and spirit industry is often difficult to assess; the wine industry comprises of many subtleties.

We guide our clients through various issues:

  • Assessment of a family patrimony or of business assets
  • Sale of a vineyard or a winery, whether it is through choice or obligation, in a sector where the value of building and housing assets is often substantial
  • Sale of all or part of a wine business, aiming for the optimal transaction

  • Advice and assistance in an investment, whether it is personal (fulfilment of a passion, diversification of patrimony, etc.) or professional (expansion, diversification, etc.).


A personalised solution for each specific need

Whatever their needs, we always make sure we offer our clients professional, tailor-made assistance throughout the decision and implementation process of an operation.

In order to answer these specific needs, we collaboratewith a network of recognised technical and legal advisors.