TERRES DE DOMAINES is an independent company specialising in mergers and acquisitions in the wine and spirit industry.

It all started when two men sharing a passion for wine met

Vincent Sauvestre, 55 years old, managed a wine trading company in Burgundy, his home region, for 25 years. When he met Clément, things fell into place: he decided to change directions and to devote himself to vineyard transactions.

Clément Séraphin, 30 years old,comes from Burgundy andhas now set up home in Provence, on the Mediterranean coast. He started his career in real estate, but it quickly became evident that he was going to develop a business involving his passion, wine.


Two complementary fields of expertise for the acquisition of your vineyard properties

Born from two personalities, two backgrounds and two complementary fields of expertise, TERRES DE DOMAINES has one unique ambition: to offer a personalised, comprehensive solution and high quality services to individuals and businesses that want to buy or sell a winery.

Thanks to its strong reputation and in-depth knowledge of the territories in which it operates, our company is proud to claim an independent status. Our office is located in the heart of Burgundy, and we also have a branch in Provence.

Being locally integrated in the heart of two of the most prestigious wine regions of France enables us to constantly have two view points on the evolution of the national wine market.

A network of national and international experts

The TERRES DE DOMAINES team enjoys a national and international network of contacts and opportunities in the wine & spirit sector.

Our team surrounds itself with seasoned experts to guide our clients, from searching for a winery for sale in France (or in another country) through to settling and managing wine estates and properties.